Topless Topics Gaming Livestreams: Which Steam games should I play?

Published on January 28, 2018

Hey everyone, just wanted to direct your attention to this forum post, which I have reposted here below! To leave your response, please reply to the post on the forum, and/or email your game suggestions to . Thanks!

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Topless Topics Gaming Livestreams

Hello everyone! So I’ve been trying to get into the habit of livestreaming video games more often, especially on the days when I want to put out new content but don’t quite have the energy or freedom from baby to record a topic video, and I mentioned that I have a pretty extensive Steam library after years of collecting the Humble Bundles and buying stuff I’d heard of on sale, etc. I wanted to post some screenshots of my Steam library so anyone interested can tell me which games they want me to try, and why:


I also have some games on other digital library services like Blizzard and Ubisoft, but not really enough to spit at. Besides there are so many hidden indie gems in my existing Steam collection that I should try playing, I’m sure!

And if you wanted to gift me a game that isn’t already in my library that you really want me to play, here is a link to my Steam account: (600 hours in Ark, haha help me) But please don’t feel the need to send me anything! I have plenty of games I need to play already, I’m sure!

Or if you are/know an indie dev who maybe has a game you want me to try out and share my opinions on, send me an email about it: . Just please don’t expect me to not be brutally honest if I don’t understand/like your game! I call it as I see it, as all my regular viewers should know by now :p

And as for streaming non-PC games, I do have the systems, but setting up streams on them is a lot less easy and I just don’t really have the equipment (or the freedom from baby) to do it right now. Maybe later, if we start getting more regular stream viewers so it’s worth the effort.

If this is the first you’re hearing about my gaming livestreams btw and you want to see some past broadcasts, here’s a playlist with most of them:

Sometimes I stream to both Youtube and Twitch simultaneously, but I hardly ever get viewers on Twitch so I don’t think it’s exactly worth the effort to do both right now, so you’re better off just following me on Youtube (I also send a link out on Twitter and Facebook any time I’m about to stream)

Anyway, thanks for the feedback and don’t worry, I have more “real” Topless Topics videos coming soon!

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