Topless Topics Mailing List Edition #3

Topless Topics Mailing List Edition #3

Emailed out 7/29/2018

Hey Toppers, welcome to Mailing List Edition #3. I’m afraid I still don’t have much to report this week, namely because the weather has been bouncing around the 90’s and occasionally into the 100’s in a house with no AC, making us all feel miserable, newborn Aeden in particular! (I’m having to ignore his screaming right now just to write this x.x)

Vote for Rooster Rock Nude Beach Photos for Sale 

I was able to finally edit the pictures my mom and I took at Rooster Rock Nude Beach the day after the fourth of July, so I could have some more options to add to the Topless Topics etsy store ( ). My mom is not a professional photographer for sure, but we managed to get 21 options that, with some light contrast editing in Photoshop by yours truly, I think might be worth adding to the store! However each Etsy store listing costs money to post, so rather than put all 21 up for sale, I put together this voting poll on the topless topics website so you cats can help me figure out which ones I should put up:
I also tried out the new patron-only behind-the-scenes livestream account while I edited the photos, after having my previously open-to-the-public (but unlisted, so you had to follow the link through the website or my social media posts) account BANNED WITHOUT WARNING IN THE MIDDLE OF A STREAM ( which I ranted about in disbelief in this post:
If you want to read more about the patron-only livestream and perhaps sign up for future behind-the-scenes streams, I have all that info on the Patreon page:  I may set up a Dailymotion or something-or-other account in the near future to upload the livestreams to post-recording to share with the public, so it won’t matter much if that account gets banned too. Of course, Vimeo is the only video hosting platform I have ever found that isn’t an actual porn site and doesn’t ban women’s bodies outright, but my current plan with them only allows me to upload up to 5gb of video per week, and I’d rather keep that available for actual Topless Topics. (Of course if I could ensure enough fundraising I could upgrade to Vimeo Business for $50/mo and get 5tb storage, or Vimeo Premium for $75/mo and get 7tb, but those are lofty goals and I have other upgrades to Topless Topics I think are more important to achieve first). Anyway, if I do make that alt-alt-alt account just to upload past livestreams to, I’ll be sure to make a post about it on, so just look for it there or look for it to be mentioned in the subsequent newsletter if you’re keen to watch the livestreams after they happen!
It does seem that if you aren’t logged into the website with the same account you use to access our community forum ( ) perplexingly the voting poll I put together with the Opinion Stage wordpress plugin won’t show up. So I put in a manual form that you can use instead below it, so if that’s the only form of voting you can find, feel free to use that form instead. It’s cumbersome, I apologize, but hiring a competent and consistently available web developer to help me make the website more user friendly is a primary goal of seeking funding such as by selling these very pictures!
I don’t have a set date that I will end the poll, but I figure in another week or so I’ll take a look at which images got the most votes and roll those out to the store. If you see an image that you want to purchase digitally right now, you can always use the donation page ( ) to send a one-time donation of $15 and tell me which of the prints you want, even if they don’t end up being added to the Etsy store. 

Read Past Mailing List Newsletters From Before You Signed Up 
To make things easier on new additions to the mailing list, as well as anyone who for some reason didn’t receive or accidentally deleted previous newsletters, I’ve started a new page on the site that reproduces each mailing list entry after it goes out. So you can always find past posts on this page, including all relevant links, images, and whatever other information I sent out that week:

New Calendar of Topfreedom/Naturist/etc Events in Your Area
The final piece of news for this week is about a project I’ve been wanting to put together for a long time, which ultimately I hope to be an interactive calendar of topfreedom/naturism/civil rights/etc events where you can look up by date and/or location to find relevant events in your area to attend (Something like would be awesome). These events would range from mass protests to the annual Naked Bicycle Ride, and the calendar would be populated by my own findings as well as events submitted by you, the viewers!
Obviously a calendar this sophisticated would require a good deal of web development knowledge, way beyond what I can teach myself through googing online tutorials ;p So for now, I’ve put together a simple public Google calendar, that I will add events to manually as fast as I can. If I am planning to attend any of these events, I will make a social media post about it on the day, so you can follow those accounts (links below) and look for such posts if you want to run into me there! (Just don’t be creepy, please). 
Also, if you have any events you want me to add to the calendar, regardless of location or how far into the future they are, please use the form at the bottom of the calendar page to submit any information you know about the event, and I’ll add it in when I can. The sooner you can give me notice, the more likely I’ll be able to post the info in time for someone else to attend! If you’re not sure if the event qualifies as the type of event the calendar is intended for, you can submit it anyway and I’ll make the call when I see it!
See the calendar and submit events to it here:

New Posts for the Week

 “REPOST: A Post About Family Nudism/Naturalism, and learning not to be ashamed of our bodies from an early age” –

As aforementioned, it’s been a little too hot to really invest in filming and editing any new videos, and I still have the Rooster Rock video I need to edit on a day that isn’t sweltering hot. But I did repost this original Tumblr post from August last year featuring some scanned-in pictures of my own mother from her naturist days back at around the same age I am now, and some of my thoughts regarding how growing up nudist has influenced my own body image, and how therapeutic I think it can be for other kids to grow up without feeling the shame of their own bodies that “textiles” often unintenionally imbue their children with. I know that a lot of my current viewers were introduced to my videos from back when The Naturist Living Show Podcast interviewed me ( ) and have been asking me to do more videos specifically about nudism/naturism, and it’s definitely my intent to do so, especially as my own kids slowly grow old enough to understand what nudism is. That’s part of why I’ve been exploring what local clothing optional places there are in or near Portland, and perhaps in the near future I can start ranging to further out nudist locations, maybe even find some people there willing to be interviewed for the channel. If you know of any locations you want me to check out, please feel free to use the website contact form to let me know about them, and I’ll visit if/when I can!
That’s about it for this week. The weather report doesn’t know yet when the Pacific Northwest heatwave is expected to break, but I earnestly hope it’s soon, because this heat is miserable x.x In fact as soon as I finish writing this newsletter, I think I’ll take Link and Aeden with me to the local mall’s play area (while remaining careful as I can be of the Portland measles outbreak) just to enjoy a bit of their AC! So, bye for now!
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