Topless Topics Parenting: Top 10 Tips for Successful Breastfeeding!

Topless Topics Parenting: Top 10 Tips for Successful Breastfeeding!

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As part of what I hope will become a more expanded #parenting focus in Topless Topics content, this is a video I produced with some “Top Do’s and Don’t’s for Successful Breastfeeding.” I have LOTS more I want to say in future videos, on a variety of subjects, from cosleeping (cautiously) to vaccinations (YES) to screentime (touchy) to potty training (still working on it) and many more besides, so if you want to help inspire me to make those videos sooner, please SHARE THIS VIDEO WIDELY, to any new or soon-to-be mothers you know, to anyone curious about some of the benefits (and, let’s be honest, drawbacks) of breastfeeding, or anyone else besides!

I would be especially honored if I could get some mention of it in a parenting and/or feminist website, something like Scary Mommy or Bustle or The Mary Sue (or Your_Website_Name_Here) as I think this video is an excellent demonstration of the intersection of progressive ideology and parenting–after all, what’s more progressive than wanting equality, including and especially when it comes to how many rights you have in public and online for what you’re allowed to show? So if you want to help me out with that goal, please consider linking this video to such websites via tweeting, emailing, or whatever other method you know of! My hugest and most sincere thanks in advance!

Okay, sorry for all the exclamation points, I’m just happy I finally got around to creating this video and I’m hopeful that it’ll help me connect with more legitimate #freethenipple supporters, not to mention help out anyone struggling to breastfeed in search of advice!

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