NEW Youtube channel- TTButZoomed!

NEW Youtube channel- TTButZoomed!

As part of my quest to prove how insanely sexist the censorship policies of Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, etc-forever are, I made a new Youtube account called “TopTopicsButZoomed” and all the uploads are re-ups of my oldest videos, but this time with the videos ridiculously zoomed in so that only my face and maybe the barest tops of my shoulders are showing, to keep a tally on how many of even those videos are banned just for the “implication” that I’m topless below the edge of the video (but of course if you’re famous the rules don’t apply like you–like Trisha Hershberger’s very popular “the Naked Truth” series)

I’ll be uploading the newly edited zoomed in versions of my old videos sporadically, as I squeeze in time to edit and upload them, but I would really appreciate if you subscribed to the new account, as the experiment won’t work very well if the videos don’t show up in search results, and they won’t show in search results until they get at least a few hundred views:

Click here to visit “TTButZoomed”!

And I’ll post an update to all the usual Topless Topics social media links each time a video goes up, so as always, please follow me there if you’d like to know as soon as new content is available! 😀

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