Topless Topics March 2020 Update: Viruses, Vidcon, Very Stressed Out

Topless Topics March 2020 Update: Viruses, Vidcon, Very Stressed Out

Please help me reach new audiences by “liking” and subscribing to my censored versions of each video on Youtube! Here’s this video:

First official new video in quite a while! Of course, I still livestream every saturday 1-4pm PST at, and I regularly update my social media, links below!

Also here are some more links for stuff mentioned in this video:

A very useful article by WaPo that demonstrates with animated illustrations how viruses like Covid19 spread among a population:
“What is Topless Topics?” for those who just wandered in here:
A list of all the Topless topics social media accounts, updated as accounts get banned then remade:
My “Topless Topics Show” youtube account where I upload my daily vlogs and the censored versions of my videos (please subscribe!):
The interview I did recently with the host of the Just Naked nudist/naturist podcast based in NYC:
My new “the Feminist Gamer” youtube channel for exploring the seemingly-impossible divide between being a progressive feminist who loves video games: (I can’t get a custom url until I have at least 100 subscribers ;_;)
An ever-expanding bunch of screenshots and urls from every time I had a Topless topics account, video, etc banned from Youtube, facebook, instagram, tumblr, etc etc etc:

And here are all my social media links, current as of me typing out this video description (or you can google “@toplesstopics” to find most of them, except that almost all the social media platforms shadowban me so I won’t show up in search results, you have to follow a direct link to my account):
Video Game Livestreams:

I don’t have time to reply to every message, but I do read all of them, and will reply to direct inquiries if I can!

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