New Topless Topics Community on Twitter!

New Topless Topics Community on Twitter!

Recently, Twitter introduced a “Communities” feature, which seems to be kinda like Facebook Groups (which would be awesome because I’ve long hoped for a FAcebook alternative that isn’t under Zuckerberg’s female-nipple-fearing command…not that Twitter isn’t full of problems either):

So I thought I’d try creating my own “#freethenipple/#toplessequality Twitter Community” and inviting everyone, but especially longtime Topless Topics Community Members (I mean our actual community, like, the people I regularly interact with on Twitter, Instagram, Discord and during Livestreams, lol)

It’s also open to nudists/naturists, and the topic of full-body nudity will come up from time to time (and is fine to talk about in replies to original posts in the group). Just please keep the original posts (tops of threads) about gender-equal topless/nipple equality, please. 😀

It’s a very new feature and I’m not sure how well it would work, but we’d love to have you join us!

Click below to join! (Yes you will need a Twitter account to participate, but you can make one for free and don’t need to post anything to it that you don’t want to!)

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