Topless Topics Reviews Vidcon “Featured Creators”

Topless Topics Reviews Vidcon “Featured Creators”

So during my usual weekly livestream last Saturday (February 8th), I thought it would be fun to “review” some of the Vidcon featured creators I’ve never heard of, in preparation for returning to that convention for the first time since my kids were born this June. Then I decided to cut the three hour livestream down into videos more or less arranged by reviewed creator, with lots of personal ramblings thrown in.

I am extremely doubtful that any of these creators will ever see these videos, but just in case they do and they think I’m being too harsh on them, please know that I understand everyone has a different target demographic, and just because a crotchety old youtuber like me doesn’t enjoy someone’s content doesn’t mean theirs can’t have value! Just as everyone has different favorite foods, we have different tastes in entertainment too.

Anyway, these aren’t very well organized, but they were fun to do, so I might try doing some more in future livestreams. But next time I’ll try to set a timer for myself or something to keep my reviews more brief and on topic ^-^;;

Videos will be embedded here as I upload them! Or, scroll to the bottom of the page to watch some short “highlight clips” I posted to Twitter and Facebook: while I was still editing the full videos!

(videos displaying a … elipsis are currently set to private and will be set to public whenever that day rolls around, so check back here tomorrow and the next one will be viewable! I’ll also post to social media every time a new video becomes available, so you might want to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. ๐Ÿ™‚ )









Highlight Clips:


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