Topless Topics Interviews Beloved Zeal Photography: Thoughts on Nudism and Writing Diverse Children’s Books

Published on August 1, 2019

I finally filmed a cohosted interview in my recording shed, this time with the photographer behind my “spring nymph” photoshoot ( David of Beloved Zeal photography!

We had lots to talk about, and I split it up into a few videos. This one is a basic overview of how we met and our thoughts on writing “diverse” children’s books, and I have another I’ll put up soon where we discuss different types of and our experiences with polyamory! Say thanks to David for recording with me!

David of Beloved Zeal on Polyamory

And, after we recorded the above interview, we also recorded a two-parter on our attitudes and experiences with Polyamory (Dating multiple partners at once) which you can watch here!

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