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Published on February 12, 2020

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Hey y’all! Did you know that I, Cleo of #ToplessTopics, have started filming #dailyvlogs? Each video is around 5-10min long (I’m trying to get them under 5 ^-^;) and range a lot in topic, basically whatever I feel like discussing that day. You can subscribe to me on Youtube for an announcement every time a new video is available, and/or follow me on social media for a post once videos are up- @toplesstopics on Twitter and Instagram, @TopTopicsTV on Facebook.
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And if you’re only interested in watching my more polished (kinda) videos, that’s fine too! I’ll continue making a post to every time a new “professional” video is made, and again I always post to social media as well once something new is up.
Anyway, I can’t promise the daily vlogs will always be entertaining or interesting, but I’ll do my best! Kind comments and “likes” to show me you want to see more are always appreciated, as are any shares to your own social media platforms to help me get around all the constant shadowbanning 🙂
See you in the next video!
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