Topless Topics Interviews Adult Performer – Erotic Dancer – Edyn Blair (uncensored, uncut version)

Topless Topics Interviews Adult Performer – Erotic Dancer – Edyn Blair (uncensored, uncut version)


Unfortunately you’ll have to have a logged-in account with “show mature content” enabled to see it, but since Youtube and Vimeo both deleted my channel (see and for more information on that saga) then I’m pretty much out of options for where else I can upload.

As for other updates on the future of Topless Topics, I encourage you to subscribe to the social media platforms of choice listed at and I’ll post any time I have a newly re-upped video or other content to share, and for now (in May 2021) I’m still doing weekly gaming/art livestreams–now on Twitch, which you can watch Saturdays 3-7pm PST at

The original description with this post:

Oh my god, I don’t know what’s up Vimeo’s butt but it took four tries at 16 hours to upload this video!! TT_TT

Anyway, here’s the “long, uncensored and uncut” version of my interview with Adult Performer, Stripper/Erotic Dancer, and Porn Star, Edyn Blair! She was super nice and fun to talk to, and I hope to do some more interviews with her on specific subjects in the near future!

I’ll be putting together smaller “highlight” reels of this interview, for the attention span-disabled. But I wanted to get this version up before I took any longer putting it together >.< Even without cuts, I still had to do some work getting the different video and audio sources in sync (and I recorded the interview on my new laptop without a second screen available yet, so it didn’t turn out as pretty as I wanted it!) Oh well, we’ll do better in the next interview~

Follow @Edyn_Blair on Twitter and Instagram for sassy commentary and/or updates on her future projects, and find her adult videos by searching PornHub, Redtube, or whatever your favorite spank bank depository is for her name: “Edyn Blair.” And leave a comment saying you found her through Topless Topics! 😀

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