Introducing Topless Topics Tech Tutorials!

Introducing Topless Topics Tech Tutorials!

Yes that’s right, to help me fund bigger, better ventures like paying off my recording shed and upgrading sound equipment, etc. I’m going to be producing some technology tutorials and selling access to them for a mere $1 each! (Patreon donors will also receive access to all new tech tutorial videos, at all donor levels).

If you’d like to know more about how this process will work, you can watch this video, and submit your tech requests at !

Of course my hands are still tied regarding childcare and all the rest of it, so producing videos will be slow-going….but I’ll do the best I can! (And no I won’t stop producing free videos, of course!)

You can view previews of each tech tutorial as I produce them here:

And/or you can submit a tech tutorial request using this form:

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
Please provide your name, nickname, username, etc. if you’d like me to thank you in the video! (Not required)
Thanks for submitting a Topless Topics Tech Tutorial subject request! Please type in your email in case I have trouble clarifying your submission:
Which type of software program does this request relate to?
This helps me organize future videos and make sure I don’t focus too much on only one type of video!
How comfortable are you with this type of software?
This helps me determine how in-depth the video should be, and/or helps me direct you towards other tutorial videos that might be closer to what you’re asking how to learn.
Please be as specific as you can, such as “I want to know how to set up a Twitter social account” or “I want to know how to correct color levels in a photography picture” etc. If I have no idea how to help you or I have already filmed a tutorial video that explains how to fulfill your request, I will use your email at the top to direct you to the appropriate video!
I send the Topless Topics newsletter out very infrequently, and it’s a great way to be alerted if any new tech tutorial videos are put up!
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