Newsletter Writing Guide

Hey there! Hopefully if you’re on this page, it means you’ve expressed an interest in helping me write and send out the semi-monthly Topless Topics Newsletter! If we haven’t discussed it yet, you can email me at and I’ll let you know if we are still looking for contributors!

I’m still figuring out as I go how to set this up, so if you have experience or tips to share, please do! You can email them to me, or discuss them in our #collaboration Discord server room, here’s a link to join:

For now, I have a free MailChimp account that I use to gather and send out newsletters, though if you can recommend a different newsletter-sending app, I’m all ears.

Here is an approximate template for how I’d like to create and send out newsletters:

  • [EMAIL SUBJECT LINE] Topless Topics Newsletter [DATE]: [QUICK SUMMARY OF TOPICS COVERED IN THIS EDITION] something like “exploring family nudism, reviewing the new Batman movie, and sharing pandemic preparation tips!”
  • [TITLE] Welcome to the Topless Topics Newsletter for [DATE]! This month we- [EXPANDED SUMMARY OF EVENTS/TOPICS/ETC IN THIS EDITION]
  • [SECTION TWO] News from the Rest of the Internet
    • Nudism/Topfreedom News: [links to news stories etc having to do with nudism, topfreedom, etc.]
    • Other World News: [other stuff worth sharing not related to nudism/topfreedom]
  • [SECTION THREE] Upcoming Content
    • Planned Videos [if any]
    • Planned Livestreams
    • Planned guest spots [if any]
  • That’s all for this newsletter! Please remember to like, subscribe and share all Topless Topics content to the social media of your choice so we can help spread the message of topfreedom to those who most need to hear it! Also please take part in the above described social media campaigns, and please consider submitting your own answer to the Community Question if you haven’t already! See you next time!

That’s about it, for now. We can change the format around as needed. I also have some graphics made already, and can make as needed, to spice up the newsletter and attract eyeballs to the important stuff. But we need to make sure to type out all the info as plain text as well, for receivers who don’t have email image settings turned on.

Thanks so much for your interest in helping me with the newsletter! For now I think the easiest way to decide what info to include in each newsletter is to share it in the Discord room:

And/or to look at the most recent posts on the Topless Topics subreddit, which I could also use your assistance in posting to for new content I forget to post (lol):

Any other questions you have, please ask them in the Discord chat room or email them to ! 🙂

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