New Community Question! “What is Nudism?”

New Community Question! “What is Nudism?”

Today we’re asking you to participate in a new Community Question, titled “What is Nudism?” If you’d like to know more about what Community Queestions are, you can read about them here:

Basically, we’ll put a question out there, then ask others to submit their own entries to be edited together into one cohesive video. You see this kind of video a lot with some commercials and other montages–things like this:

We ask that you keep a few things in mind:

  • If submitting video or audio, please keep your submission under three minutes long. Also, don’t be offended if I only cut out a very small section of your submission for the final video. Your full video will be linked to in the description of the final video for others to watch if they wish to. 🙂
  • If submitting a text post, please keep it under a few paragraphs. Unless you submit an audio reading with it, most likely I’ll show the text on screen while I (Cleo) read what it says aloud
  • If submitting video or a picture to go alongside an audio or written post, please consider recording it topless or nude as it relates to the project, to further the goal of normalizing nonsexual nudity
  • Also if you are uncomfortable or don’t feel safe including your identity in the submission, you can crop out your face, or send the file directly to me and ask me to blur out your face, and I would be happy to!
  • I shouldn’t even need to say this, but PLEASE DON’T SUBMIT ANYTHING FEATURING SEXUAL ACTS OR BEHAVIOR. That’s not what these projects or the Topless Topics community is about. (If you’re confused what our purpose is here, please check out our FAQ:

This idea of editing together community project submitted clips is still a work in progress, so guidelines might be changed or added as we figure out a better way of doing things. Either way, I’ll be extremely grateful for any and all submissions, as long as you try to follow the guidelines above!

Thank you so much in advance for your submissions!

How to Submit Your Entry

  • You can upload your entry to the social media platform of your choice (keeping in mind that the vast majority of them will ban you for female nipples and/or genitals of any gender), then send me a link to your submission–either DM it to me on Twitter or Instagram, or email it to me; or
  • upload your file to a website that actually supports nonsexual nudity like Vimeo; or
  • send your file directly to me at

Again, if you need/want me to blur something out, just let me know when you send the file!

As we receive and compile community project videos, they will be embedded below!


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