Topless Topics Reacts to ContraPoints: Is Makeup Anti-Feminist?

Published on June 3, 2022

Reuploaded to TROM on 10/12/2021, after my vimeo was blackmailed.

Original description:

I was inspired to ramble a bit about my changing attitudes towards makeup vs feminism by ContraPoints’ new “Beauty” video:

Other links referenced-

Help me pay off my recording shed, please!

My defense of Carlos Maza aka @gaywonk over at Vox vs Youtube’s insane coddling of alt-right bullies (whilst banning my harmless freethenipple vlogs):

ContraPoints’ Incel video:
Her Pronouns video:

The tag search on my old CeriGotGame channel for all the videos featuring my beautiful friend Ro:

I wanted to edit this video down more but with the whole mom-dying-of-cancer thing I just don’t have time. Look for some fun drag show footage and a review of a children’s book about active shooter drills soon! to direct inquiries if I can!

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