Repost: I’m Not Shaming You for Your Attraction to Breasts!

Repost: I’m Not Shaming You for Your Attraction to Breasts!

Hello everyone! In an effort to help flesh out this website, as well as bring attention to some of my older videos that maybe not all of you have seen, I want to start making posts for past videos like this one. If you’re only interested in seeing BRAND NEW videos, I’ll make sure to mention at the top of each post if this is a REPOST or a NEW submission!

I’m also attaching categories and tags to each submission, so if you’re interested in a certain topic/person/etc, you should be able to search by the related tag! If you need help with this, or have any other website feedback you want to leave, please let me know in this forum post:

Otherwise, here’s the original text for this video:

Original Upload Date: Friday, April 14, 2017 at 2:53 PM EST

Original Caption:

Just a quick video inspired by an email I got, intending to clarify what I mean by “Topless Topics is here to de-stigmatize/de-sexualize female nipples.” I’m not telling you that you CAN’T be attracted to female breasts, just that your attraction does not give you the right to pass legislation restricting our freedom nor the right to make rude/lewd remarks and in general treat us like a piece of meat!

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