Topless Topics OnlyFans Tip Menu

Topless Topics OnlyFans Tip Menu


As explained in more detail at, since my mom died and both Youtube and Vimeo deleted my channels, I just don’t have the spoons left to produce any more Topless Topics content, including karaoke requests. I would like to revisit the idea of producing regular content once my kids are in school/daycare later this year, but we’ll have to see what my life is like then (if my dad ever gets his share of my mom’s retirement to afford daycare, for one).

For now, here’s what my tip menu used to be, and if you’d like to be notified if/when I start accepting requests again, you can follow me on my as-yet-unbanned social media, the links can be found here:

Welcome to the Topless Topics Tip Menu!

I set up this tip menu when I initially joined OnlyFans, to provide a “fast lane” for requested content, and an inspiration for extra income to help me keep Topless Topics running! (You can read more about where the money goes to on the donation page:

I’m still figuring out what other sorts of tip menu options I can offer, so feel free to suggest others by contacting me! (necessary caveat, over and over and over, is that I will NOT provide sexual material, no matter how much you offer to pay me, no matter if you say it’ll “just be between you and me.” STOP ASKING, THE ANSWER IS NO. Go bother an actual sex worker if that’s what you’re after!)

How to request a custom tip menu item:

When you make your tip, please be sure to include what your request is, either in the description box with the donation (ie in Paypal) or in an IM/DM (ie in OnlyFans) or contacting me after sending the tip (click here for preferred methods of contact).

It is advised that you contact me first to ask if I am willing to fulfill your request, if you’re not certain.

Let me stipulate, once again, that I WILL NOT DO ANYTHING SEXUAL IN MY VIDEOS OR PHOTOGRAPHY, NOT NOW, NOT EVER, NO MATTER HOW INSISTENTLY YOU ASK OR HOW MUCH MONEY YOU OFFER. For more clarification on what is “sexual”, see this video:

(I’ll be amending/changing options and prices as I figure this thing out, feel free to suggest NONSEXUAL perks in the replies)

Rather than keep paying Etsy to host my digital photos, I’m gonna try selling them direct thru tips. I’m not -entirely- sure how this works yet, but I think you just send me a tip for the designated amount through OnlyFans then let me know which print you want and I can send it to you directly through DMs?

I’m also gonna be taking all the individual prints off of Etsy and release them only through OnlyFans- the Patreon perk will remain though Patreon makes it ridiculously cumbersome and hard to communicate with donors to fulfill that, so maybe I’ll make it OF-only in the near future. We’ll see.

Yet again, let me specify that no matter the tip amount, I WILL NOT provide any sexual/pornographic material for you, no matter how much you send me!! The content will all be just as it has always been, but now with the added perk of customizing the message or subject, instead of it just being whatever I feel like. If you want more details about why I made an OnlyFans (short answer- I’m tired of providing hundreds of hours of free fapping material to the internet that I can’t even monetize because it’s wrongly categorizes as “porn”) you can read that here-

Other OnlyFans perks included with $6.99 subscription price:

Click here for more info about why I started an OnlyFans account, or

click here to subscribe to my OnlyFans for $6.99!

Subscription perks include-

  • daily selfies from past artistic nude photoshoots
  • access to my weekly NSFW livestream every Saturday 3-7pm PST where I’ll do topless gaming, edit artistic nude photos, draw erotic illustrations, interview other OF creators and more!
  • see new Topless Topics photos a full WEEK before the public!
  • more benefits TBD! You can drop your suggestions by DMing me at Instagram or Twitter, @toplesstopics on both!
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