Topless Topics Mailing List Edition #4

Topless Topics Mailing List Edition #4

Emailed out 8/10/2018
Hello and welcome to the Topless Topics Mailing List/Newsletter #4! (I wish I’d been calling it the Newsletter all along as that’s a lot easier to type out, but alas I brainfarted when I first set up this thing x.x Oh well)
If you’re wondering why you didn’t receive last week’s newsletter, worry not–I’m actually sending this one out a week late, thanks to a combination of my toddler constantly getting sick and the 90+ degree weather in a house with no AC making any work at my computer very, very unpleasant x.x The heat wave isn’t broken yet, but I’m still trying my best to get on top of getting everything updated, sending out Patreon donor rewards, etc. so please keep patient, though if you have specific questions you can always email me at and I’ll do my best to be of service!
Now, on to this (two) week’s updates:
Despite the heat, I was semi-prolific (lol) with two new videos, though neither of them is the much-requested Rooster Rock visit footage yet (seriously…the number of people and times y’all have asked about that video is getting creepy -_- IT WILL COME WHEN IT COMES, PEOPLE)
Those videos are:
“In Defense of James Gunn”
(Watch the video before you judge, I’m not just making excuses for pedophilia, I promise!)
“Patriot Prayer Proud Boy (nazi) Portland Rally turns violent again…of course”
(Man, I am really setting myself up for tons of hatemail with all these contentious topics this week…oh well, at least I’m not boring!)
Upcoming videos:
Nothing specifically planned at the moment, but I am trying to get back into producing more “fun” content, like movie/comic/game reviews and maybe another song cover, because I dunno about you but it gets stressful only making new videos when I have something to be pissed off about! 
I do also still have the Rooster Rock video to edit as I mentioned above, and I WILL GET TO IT EVENTUALLY, but that video is going to take a lot of editing to prepare and right now working in my room for hours on end with no relief from the heat just isn’t all that appealing. I’m afraid you guys are thinking it’s gonna be a lot more, uh, “exciting” than it actually will be, judging by the ferocity you people have been asking to see it…if you’re holding out all this time hoping for something sexually risque, then for perhaps literally the hundredth time, that is NOT what Topless Topics is here to produce, so please go harass some other woman who actually WANTS to be sexually objectified, please! Ugh!! -_-
Anyway, on to other news items~
Photoset 1 ($50)
Thanks everyone for participating in the “Which Rooster Rock photos should I add to the store?” contest ( )! I’ve added together all the votes, and added the top five most popular options to our Etsy store, in an effort to gather enough donations to further goals for improving the website and Topless Topics content overall!
If you were interested in purchasing one of the contest options that didn’t end up in the top five, you can still order it individually by A. signing up for the $25 or higher donation tiers on Patreon (, or B. Donating the appropriate amount ($15 for one, $50 for five) via the Donation Page ( and be sure to message me with the names of the options you want to purchase! (Option names are still available as a slideshow on the voting page:
Sorry if that’s confusing. Ultimately I do want to shift all the store options to a page on the topless topics server directly, but for now it’s a lot easier to just use Etsy–which, however, costs money per listing, and can be very cumbersome and time-consuming to add/remove/edit listings.
Speaking of, to make room for new photoshoot options, I’m no longer going to renew some of the less popular older options, as indicated by the image above. So consider this possibly your last chance to purchase the following prints, at least until we (someday, maybe) host our own store page on the server directly:
Sauvies Island Photosets | Option 1A | Option 1B | Option 1C | Option 1D | Option 2A | Option 2B | Option 2C | Option 2E | Option 3D
In my never-ending quest to come up with patreon rewards and/or store options that are interesting but don’t require more effort and/or cost of materials/shipping/etc than they’re worth, one of you was thoughtful enough to suggest this option: one-of-a-kind polaroid photos! Essentially, I would use a polaroid (something like this) to have a photographer (probably my mom -_-) to take some one-of-a-kind polaroid shots, to be then offered either on Etsy or on Patreon as a special tier donation reward. I would have to research more on shipping and material costs etc. to determine what they would sell for, and only if a sufficient number of people have an interest in purchasing such a thing. If you are interested, please email me your thoughts ( and what you’d be willing to pay for such photos, and I will look more into making that happen! AS I APPARENTLY HAVE TO KEEP CLARIFYING, _none_ of these shots will be “sexually explicit” nor “sexually suggestive” (unless your standards for “sexually suggestive” include “any so-called nudity whatsoever” in which case GTFO) so please don’t express an interest in purchasing polaroids only if you think that this new option means I’d finally be willing to enact fetish requests for you (protip: I won’t). Sorry for those of you sick of hearing me say this, but you would not believe how many messages I STILL get requesting porn (or “risque” or “sexually suggestive”) content, so I have to keep clarifying, and hope that maybe someday these perverts will get it through their brains that they’re slobbering up the wrong tree :\
And finally:
So I dunno about you, but I’m pretty tired of being pretty much the only person in my current videos. I’m always trying to get new people to film with me, but while I get handfuls of “sure, let’s do it!” replies -at- the actual events, somehow they never quite pan out. While I’m not giving up on getting local cohosts yet, I do think it might be easier (and maybe more interesting?) to get more of you cats involved by recording video or audio together online. Of course the ideal cohost is one who is willing to do a video without a shirt side by side with me, for the simple reason that as long as I’m the only one willing to go (nonsexually!) topless in a video, that puts me on a sort of “pedestal” that really interferes with my goal of normalizing female toplessness so it’s no longer treated by social media and legislation as inherently sexual/pornographic, simply because of what’s between my legs (except even that isn’t it, as trans women being banned from social media as long as they “look” CIS female amply proves). So anyone willing to allow me to record our video while both of us are topless would be the most valuable, and most appreciated of all cohosts!
However I know that the majority of people are either too uncomfortable or simply not privileged to risk the outfall if topless content of them should be shared with friends or family, and I still want to hear from you, even if you are not in a position to physically join me on my topless equality crusade. So I’m also interested in filming videos or audio with those of you who want to remain with a shirt on, or who don’t want to show yourselves at all. To that end, I want to start doing audio only “podcast” style content–I’m fully aware that the majority of my “fans” wouldn’t be interested in such content if there’s no hope of seeing my breasts in them, but I’m really hoping there are enough of you interested in something besides just my nipples that it might be worth trying to record a few :p Besides, podcasts are a lot easier to listen to on-the-go, and I could figure out how to make them available on platforms like Spreaker and maybe Spotify, so who knows, we might be able to tap into a whole new demographic of listeners if we try that format!

This is pretty new territory for me so I won’t be an expert straight off, but I will do whatever I can to accommodate those of you interested in recording something with me, as long as you have at least SOME method of streaming video and/or audio (I mean, as long as you have a basic webcam or a cell phone produced within the last half decade, you’re probably good to go). And as for subject matter, I’ll leave that up to the cohost! We can shoot content based on a certain topic, or we can just freeball it and see what we talk about!

Please note that this call is for videos/audio that WILL be cleaned up and put online for everyone else to see/hear; I’m NOT offering PRIVATE 1v1 chats. I did have that as an option on Patreon in the past, but as I have previously ranted, every single person who picked that option invariably used it as an excuse to masturbate -_- Sooooo yeah no thanks, lol. Cohosts willing to be seen/heard by everyone else only, please. We won’t DO anything sexual, but we can talk about sexual subjects, if that’s what you want to do. As long as it’s something actually interesting, not like, roleplaying out your sexual fantasies about me -_- (Seriously, I get more sick of having to clarify this stuff than you can ever imagine, but I just keep getting requests for them anyway! It never ends!)

Whew, this newsletter is turning out LONG! Guess it’s good I skipped a week,then!
That’s about it for now, so to summarize:
-Two new videos, links at the top
-New images added to the store, others being retired
-Testing the waters for one-of-a-kind Polaroids as a creative donor reward/store option
-Call for cohosts, either video or audio only
As always, thank you so much for your continued support, really hoping this heat wave ends soon so I have more energy to make more content, and see you in the next video!!
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Thank you again for your support!

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