According to Youtube: Gigantic Jiggling Breasts Barely Covered By Pasties Okay, Unmoving Uncovered Breasts Insta-Banned

Published on June 15, 2020

Came across this music video on Twitter featuring an official music video “Trollz” by Nicki Minaj and 6ix9ine (is that spelled right? who tf knows) and it was just a nice reminder of how garbage the attitudes of popular social media and video hosting platforms are regarding nudity vs sex. Don’t ya know, gigantic gyrating boobs and butts are fine as long as you have a tiny star-pastie barely covering the heinous female nipple part, but unmoving, uncovered female nipples deserve to be instantly banned.

Want more screenshots of the many, many, many times Topless Topics has been banned on every single social media platform, including Youtube, always and only for nonsexual female nipples? Enjoy!

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