Where to buy photoshoot prints to help support Topless Topics?

Where to buy photoshoot prints to help support Topless Topics?

Digital Prints currently available through Etsy or Patreon:

Hello, Toppers! Lately I’ve been receiving a few inquiries about where/how to purchase photoshoot prints to help me support Topless Topics by paying for server hosting and subscriptions, buying better equipment, funding future photoshoots, etc., so I’m here to make it clearer, I hope!

Currently I have photoshoot prints available through two sources:

-You can buy the prints directly through Etsy, either individually for $15 or as five-packs for $50, by going here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ToplessTopics

-Or, you may be interested in signing up for one of the Patreon reward tiers, either one print per month for $25 or a photo ten-pack for $100, by going here: https://www.patreon.com/ToplessTopics

I get to keep more of the money if you donate through Patreon, but I know not everyone is comfortable with the idea of signing up for a monthly donation (though you can cancel at any time) which is why I set up the Etsy store! You can also get the prints immediately if you purchase through Etsy, whereas if you donate through Patreon, the amount won’t be withdrawn from your account until the end of the month so you’ll receive your print the following month, after the donations are tallied. (It’s also not automatic, I have to manually send the prints, so if you donated previously and I somehow didn’t send you the print yet, please email me now to let me know and rectify the situation)!

Also please note that right now I’m only offering the prints as digital files, because when I tried to sell them as physical prints by printing them and shipping them out myself, production costs were outweighing the price of the prints! However, if enough interest is shown via donations and buying digital prints, then I can save up enough to get some bulk-printing done and send those out more cost-effectively! Donations are also how I can afford to hire photographers to set up future photoshoots, hopefully ones that are more artistically interesting, like most of the results you get if you google-image-search “artistic nude photography.” So if you want to buy future prints but aren’t interested in the ones I have available yet, please consider donating anyway so I can set up future shoots!

I also really want to start selling other products besides, like these seed bead necklaces I sometimes make:

Or other branded products like bumper stickers, T-shirts, coffee mugs, etc.

But producing all those costs money (and in the case of seed bead necklaces and illustrations I make myself, lots of time!) so I want to really gauge interest in those before I try to invest in getting them made. If you’re interested in future products like that, let me know by replying to the Forum Thread about it, and/or emailing me products you’d be interested in buying and how much you think you’d be able to pay for them (so I can realistically know how much I’d need beforehand to get them made)!

Thank you so much for your support, and I hope to see your replies on the forum!


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