Get paid $10 for Supporting Topless Equality!

Get paid $10 for Supporting Topless Equality!

Welcome to my latest effort to encourage supporters of Topless Equality (as well as Normalizing Full-Body Nudity) to raise awareness of this sexist, transphobic, puritanical, patriarchal, yet unquestioned aspect of oppression enough to actually effect some changes!

This time, I’m trying literal bribery to get people motivated! (Hey, whatever works)

The process is simple:

  • Record and upload your own videos to your own video hosting and/or social media platforms
  • Post links to your submitted video on all your other social media accounts (and/or repost the same video)
  • Let me know via one of the methods on my Contact page about the video
  • Get paid $10!

Some caveats/further instructions:

  • Videos must be topless, aka not wearing any sort of clothing, because the whole point of the campaign is to highlight the absurdity of gender-based censorship discrimination.
  • You can post a clothed video if you want, but it will not be eligible for the $10 payment.
  • Videos must be at least one minute long, and must include at least something related to topless equality–if you’re struggling to figure out what to say, please review the guide at the bottom of this page!
  • Amount of acceptable submissions is first-posted, first-served and limited to 10 participants monthly, since I’m financing this initiative all on my own and am dependent on Patreon donations to pay for anything Topless Topics-related (including video hosting, website hosting, editing software subscriptions, etc…)
  • If you post a video expecting payment without contacting me first, you’ll have to wait until a subsequent month when I have a slot available to be paid for it. Also, one video only per person will be paid for, but if you want to keep participating

Men, Women, Nonbinary, and Everyone Else Encouraged to Participate!

We’re never going to achieve topless equality if women are the only ones protesting about it! Men, use your privilege to amplify our voices so that those in power actually hear and pay attention!

Visual Guide for Acceptable Submissions for Payment

Gold standard! Host is not wearing upper-body clothing, face is visible, chest is not blurred or obscured by objects or digital pasties. 10/10

Acceptable but Not Great Video Formats

Video Formats Not Eligible for Payment

(But still appreciated if you post them!)

Host must be topless! Read more about why below…

FAQ about this Social Media Campaign

“Why does the video have to be topless? Aren’t you just exploiting my body?!”

As briefly explained above, the point of this campaign, and indeed all of Topless Topics, is to highlight the absurdity of gender-based descrimination laws–aka, the illegality of “female-looking nipples” across America (except for a very few localities, which still have cops arresting/fining topless women anyway), all of cable and PG13-or-under media, and in pretty much every US-based or catered-to social media and video hosting website that isn’t an actual porn site–Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitch, etc–the list is endless.

Even websites that allegedly allow female nipples only do so with a “mature” label attached–categorizing it the same as hardcore pornography, while “male-looking nipples” are placed under no such puritanical restriction.

Therefore, to take a stance on topless equality–only to still abide by the patriarchal distribution of who gets what rights to go topless–is reductive and the opposite of helpful. Plus, the point of this campaign is to raise awareness, and people just aren’t going to click on a video where the speaker is wearing a shirt.

“Why do I have to post the video to my own social media/video hosting account? Why can’t you post it to Topless Topics?”

For two main reasons, dear reader:

  • Topless Topics accounts are just one source, with limited reach only via direct word of mouth, since all my content that isn’t banned outright is “Shadowbanned” so that it does not show up on search results or aggregate timelines, even fully censored
  • Over the years that Topless Topics has existed, I have faced an amount and viciousness of scrutiny and punishment that is extremely disproportionate to many, many accounts that post much, much more explicit female nipple or full body nudity content than I do. The hundreds of screenshots available for viewing at should demonstrate this amply.
  • Why does this happen? Longtime Topless Topics supporters have a few theories. The going theory is that I seem to have a “Dedicated Cabal of Haters” who have decided it’s great fun to hunt down my content on every platform I attempt to post it to, then exploit brainless algorithms to mass-report my content until it automatically gets taken down, whether or not it actually violates any Terms of Service. Additionally, because of the frequency with which my content has already been banned, I’m basically on a “blacklist” for all mainstream websites where my content is automatically scrutinized, and appeals are automatically rejected, because the websites have decided that “she already had past content banned, therefore she’s a repeat offender, therefore we don’t need to actually review anything she posts to see if it really does violate the rules of our website.”
  • Thus, the nature of this campaign, and all support of Topless Topics from you, the supporters, is dependent on you not only demonstrating your support via “likes,” shares, etc, but producing your own, original content and posting it to your own, original social media/video hosting accounts. You can find a detailed guide with images on how to create your own original posts here:

“Why do you keep harping on topless censorship specifically? Why don’t you only support full-body nudity?”

This is a question/issue that has come up constantly during the entirety of Topless Topics’ existence–especially as our community has grown among existing nudist/naturist circles. I haven’t yet found the perfect distillation of the difference in a neat little nutshell, but the essential reasoning is this: while I support the desexualization and decensorization of full body nudity, that is currently an issue that ALL genders face–regardless of what your top half looks like, if your bottom half is showing, you’ll get banned.

Topless inequality, however, is blatant sexism and transphobia. It is entirely dependent on what brainless algorithms, and/or overworked moderation staff who are axed from their jobs if they ever err on the side of permission to post, decide are “female-looking nipples.” Men, especially cis men, who are accustomed to a lifelong privilege of being allowed to go topless at the beach, at the gym, while jogging, and essentially anywhere online, might be sympathetic, but will never truly understand the enraging frustration of being told that, because I “look female,” I cannot go topless in any of these situations without it being considered “sexual/adult/sensitive content/etc,” and is therefore banned. The fact that all these websites include “female-looking nipples” with “nudity” but not “male-looking nipples” is the perfect demonstration of this–while a handful of platforms will actually specifically label their additional restrictions against “female-presenting nipples,” most don’t even acknowledge this blatantly sexist denotation, and simply state they ban “nudity” (or, claim they allow nudity for “educational, artistic or activist purposes” yet somehow it’s only female nipples that get automatically labeled as “sexual” and summarily banned)

So, to summarize, the reason this project focuses on topless equality before full body nudity is that it’s about equal rights for all, regardless of physical biology or gender identity. Ban ALL nipples, or NO nipples.

“Okay, I recorded my video and put it on my Youtube/Facebook/whatever. When can I expect payment?”

Firstly, please make note of what I stated above–that I’m limiting paid entries to 10 per month, so if you post your video during a month where ten others have already posted theirs, you will have to wait until I have a future month where the 10 slots have not already been used up by those who posted before you. If I was a mega corporation with mega millions, I wouldn’t have to place such a restriction. But I am the sole creator, promoter, etc. for all of Topless Topics, and any income (which is very small) I get that allows me to pay for projects like this (as well as video hosting, software subscriptions, etc) is dependent on donors through Patreon or direct donations. Even if I wanted to, my as-yet-not-entirely-banned videos are banned from monetization on any website that allows such things–ie Youtube–and other websites like Vimeo actually punish me for getting views.

If this project really takes off, and we receive enough new support to increase Patreon donations and/or change Youtube’s mind about letting me monetize my content (don’t hold your breath), then maybe I can expand the slots for paid videos in the future!

Guide for What to Talk About in your Video

You are by no means required to answer any or all of these questions in your video, as long as what you talk about has something to do with topless equality (and/or normalizing full body nudity, but must include specific mention of the oppressive censorship applied to “female-looking nipples” only, as that is the main purpose of Topless Topics). This guide is merely to help you figure out what you can talk about, if you’re struggling. 🙂

  • What is “topless equality” and why do you support it?
  • How do you define whether content is “sexual” or not? What activities or situations, if any, should earn female nipples the label of “sexual”? (Isn’t it funny how pretty much every situation that allows nonsexual male nipples even allows male nipples being touched??)
  • What do you think about inequal censorship applied only to “Female-looking nipples,” which don’t even have to be physical biology, legal status, or gender identity–it is entirely dependent on whether brainless algorithms and/or the overworked moderation staff decide your nipples “look female” or not?
  • How did you find out about Topless Topics? What do you like about my content?
  • How do you feel about the labeling of full-body nudity as “sexual” regardless of situation or activity?
  • What is your ideal future for societal attitudes towards topless equality and normalizing nudity? What specific legislation would you like to see passed, or updated rules applied to websites’ terms of service?
  • Are there any other topless equality, LGBTQ+, or normalize nudity activists you’d like to shout out (or maybe tag for participation!)?

A few more resources for posting female nipples

If you’re looking for places to post your content without getting banned, I have a complicated answer for you. While many websites claim to allow “nonsexual nudity,” which they always include female nipples into but not male nipples, in reality these rules are extremely arbitrary and seem to be applied at random depending only on how many haters report you and/or how famous you already are (as always, rules don’t apply to famous people, including Influencers with millions of subs)

Here are notes on the following platforms, including what they claim to allow vs my own actual experiences with them–though again, keep in mind that Topless Topics specifically has faced an insane amount of censorship that far outpaces what pretty much all other creators who show far more skin have faced:

  • Youtube
  • Facebook
    • The worst mainstream website towards topless equality, and nudity in general. Here’s their bullshit claim: “We restrict the display of nudity or sexual activity because some people in our community may be sensitive to this type of content. Additionally, we default to removing sexual imagery to prevent the sharing of non-consensual or underage content. Restrictions on the display of sexual activity also apply to digitally created content unless it is posted for educational, humorous, or satirical purposes.”
    • What they actually do: BAN. EVERYTHING. PRESUMED. NAKED. Even for other creators, though never to the degree that Topless Topics has faced. Facebook knows how harmful their platform is–there was even a recent 60 Minutes whistleblower interview detailing this–but they don’t actually care to make it any better–somehow Facebook is deeply entrenched in the idea that violence and medical disinformation are perfectly acceptable by American standards as well as commercially profitable, but female-looking nipples in all situations and scenarios warrants an immediate ban.
  • Instagram
  • Tiktok
  • Tumblr
    • Used to be a home base for the socially deviant, free to express themselves in any fandom, including with graphic illustrations of pornographic acts, often featuring furries. Even then however, my Free the Nipple posts seemed to be banned for no reason more often than not (or labeled “adult,” even photos like my baby breastfeeding)
    • Then Yahoo! bought them out in 2013 and utterly destroyed everything that was unique and good about Tumblr. Recently in 2019, Tumblr was resold again to WordPress for $3 million–a tiny fraction of the $1.1 billion that Yahoo! purchased it for previously.
  • Twitch

Platforms that DO allow female nipples, ostensibly:

  • Vimeo
    • Yes and no. While they have never banned a video of mine entirely, they have attempted to label my channel as “commercial” which places extra restrictions of what can be shown on it. I fought and was able to get them to drop that claim, but had to close my Vimeo account anyway, after haters figured out how to exploit bandwidth to get my channel taken down. (Basically, unlike Youtube which rewards you for getting more and more views, Vimeo punishes you if a large amount of people actually watch your content!)
  • Twitter
    • Allows anything in posts, including hardcore porn. However your profile picture is placed under far more restriction, and I’ve had a profile picture featuring my baby boy breastfeeding (and no other sign of female nipple) banned as “sexually explicit” while my current profile picture, featuring my nipples covered up by guns, has been up unreported for years.
    • Even within posts, once Twitter decides to label your account as “adult,” you’re fucked. Everything you post–even retweets of other people’s posts–will be hidden under a “sensitive material” warning, which requires a logged-in account to view, and is often glitchy and refuses to show the post even then.

Platforms that allow nonsexual female nipples, but also actual porn:

  • Plexstorm
    • Gaming-focused livestreaming website, except they went out of business after bilking investors (or something like that?)
  • Lips.Social
    • Sex-positive platform focused on consent, sexual education and intersectional feminism. But there are no comments available to be posted by anyone, the tags are awkward and limiting, and as of me writing this, basically no one uses it.
  • Odyssee/LBRY (still not sure what the difference is)
    • Allows everything, including hardcore porn. However everything even mentioning sex or nudity gets stuck in the same “adult” category as the hardest of core porn, so enabling mature content to show in your searches means wading through graphic sexual content just to find my videos.
    • Also, their browser version is broken and doesn’t even give you the option to show “mature” tagged content. You need to download the app, log in, and enable “show mature content” there, still visible only within the app, and subject to the same glut of hardcore porn as described above.

Platforms that 100% allow female nipples:

  • TROM videos
    • A moderately sized Peertube instance created by an anti-fascist man from Spain, TROM is the one new home I’ve found that explicitly allows nonsexual nudity, female nipples included, while NOT allowing porn!
    • They do, however, ban trash like conspiracy theories and misinformation, hateful political rhetoric, and white supremacist propaganda.
    • Tio, the owner, is deeply involved in the site, and is readily willing to take moderation change feedback under advisement.

That’s it…at least that I’ve found. Know of any pro-female-nipple websites I should check out? Let me know!

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