Topless Topics Newsletter for Oct 2019: Slutwalk Sex Worker Benefits Show, Interviews with Special Guests, and more!

Topless Topics Newsletter for Oct 2019: Slutwalk Sex Worker Benefits Show, Interviews with Special Guests, and more!

Topless Topics Newsletter – October 2019

Worried you missed any of the past newsletters? I always make them available to read here:

We’ve had an exciting month at Topless Topics, and it’s about to get more exciting!

[Cleo’s 10-Hour Fundraising Livestream]

First and foremost, I’ve decided I’m going to work towards going to Vidcon 2020 in June of next year, an annual event in Anaheim, CA (right next to Disneyland) that focuses on youtubers, podcasters, livestreamers, and many more online creative types, big and small! Of course it’s a lot harder for me to get down there from Portland than when I could simply drive up from my hometown San Diego, so I need to raise money for airfare, hotel, etc. and I would greatly appreciate your help doing that!

As part of the fundraising effort, I’ll be hosting a  TEN HOUR LIVESTREAM  this  Thursday, Oct 24th, from 10 AM to 8 PM Pacific Standard Time ! 

We have lots of fun activities lined up, from working on my Winter Fae costume for a Halloween photoshoot, to carving a pumpkin (join the livestream chat to suggest a design!), to playing some video games…as well as donation goals such as:

  • $5 for a shoutout/quote/line of your desire (blatant sexual or profane statements will not be read)
  • $10 for a costume change (the livestream will be topless as all my Vimeo livestreams are, but I’ll have some silly hats, cat ears, other props etc. on hand for a fun incentive
  • $25 live art request–I’ll draw the requested picture right there on the stream! Another $25 and I’ll color it! HD version of the finished image will be emailed to you at the end of the stream.
  • $50 for 30 minutes of the video game let’s play of your choice, including horror games (even though I scare easily so I don’t really enjoy playing them). I have quite a few horror games in my steam library already, or you can buy me a gift copy if I don’t have it yet and I’ll download and play it during the stream.
  • $100 and I’ll take a shot of alcohol or a hit of my vape. I’m setting the limit high so you all don’t make me die of alcohol poisoning :p

More info can be found on the Livestream page, and that’s also where I’ll be hosting the stream once it starts! During the stream, you can use the Vimeo chatroom, or–better yet–chat with me and the rest of the Topless Topics community in our Discord chat server:

You don’t have to donate anything to watch, and I hope you’ll hang out with us and let us know in the chatroom what you think!

Remember! It’s  Thursday, Oct 24th, from 10 AM to 8 PM Pacific Standard Time  at !

[New Topless Topics Subreddit]

I asked on social media if any of the Topless Topics community members would be interested in a sub-reddit devoted to Topless Topics, and several of you gave me a resounding “yes” so I went ahead and made one! Hopefully this is a useful resource for anyone who is already a fan of visiting Reddit, or perhaps has wanted to try! Feel free to join the community and submit a post as well as offer your thoughts in the replies to other posts, after you review the subreddit rules on the right of this link:

[New Videos]

Live Events:

Back in September, I was kindly allowed to film the performances at the Slutwalk 2019 Benefits show, which included comedy, music, poetry, juggling, striptease burlesque, and more! However I wanted to give each performer a chance to review the recording of their performance before I made them available to the rest of the public, and that took a little time.

Finally, I’ve heard back from each of them, and all those videos are now available to watch here, including a demonstration by professional stripper and podcaster Elle Stanger (one of the organizers behind Slutwalk) on proper striptease etiquette when dancing for a female client!

See this and all Slutwalk 2019 videos at this link:

New Vlogs:

New Livestreams:

(It’s very hard for me to plan ahead with livestreams, given the tenuous nature of when and for how long my parents can babysit the kids. However, I do have the aforementioned 10-hour livestream coming up next week, so please stop by that day if you can and say hello!)


Videos Coming Soon:

  • Cleo Interviews Chrissy aka @C_Stroop about the #exvangelical/#emptythepews anti-religion movement, current and past US/Russia interactions, how Chrissy got involved with social activism in general and topless equality in specific, and more! (The video is shot already, I just haven’t had time to edit and upload it yet, but it will be soon and of course I’ll announce it on the website and on social media once I do!)
  • Topless Topics Funny Stuff: Cleo Voice-Acts Cartoon Characters (showing off some of the silly voices I can do while I’m reading children’s books to my kids!)
  • Topless Topics Funny Stuff: Cleo Tries Out Various Musical Genres (I’ll be attempting to sing in various musical styles, from heavy metal to pop to operatic and more. Feel free to suggest some musical styles for me to try in the chatroom!)

[Other News]

This isn’t exactly related to Topless Topics, but I finally started creating videos with my toddler Link for his new Youtube channel, “Link’s Plays!” The plan is to record his adorable comments and confusion as I introduce him to retro video games from my youth, then as he gets a little older, start having him do actual game reviews and so on! If you like cute kids and/or you just wanna help me out, please give our Link’s Plays social media platforms a follow: (need 100 subs before we can get a custom URL)

Whew, I think that about does it! Sorry there was such a backlog of video links to share! Of course if you want to stay up-to-date with all new videos as they’re released, I always make a front-page post about it at and link to it through social media!

That’s about it for this newsletter, thanks as always for being valued Topless Topics supporters! Hope to see you at Thursday’s livestream, otherwise I’ll see you in the next video!


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