NEW! Topless Topics Sharing Incentive: share a post, get a print!

NEW! Topless Topics Sharing Incentive: share a post, get a print!

So after over a decade of being banned from all the popular social media and video platforms-

(hopefully you get the point…if not, feel free to visit for hundreds more screenshots of me getting banned, always and only for the heinous unforgiveable sin of nonsexual female nipples, often even when they’ve already been censored out!)

So finally, as of today (November 24, 2020, six days after my 35th birthday) I’ve finally “gotten the hint” and will no longer bother trying to keep my Instagram, Facebook or most other social media platforms updated (probably will still be on Twitter since they allow full-on porn but just keep your account hidden from search results) except for maybe the errant text-only post (which have also gotten banned before, because lolfuckthepatriarchy).

Instead, I will focus solely on what matters–actually producing new content, meaning videos, livestreams, arts and crafts, whatever…

And will rely on YOU-

Yes! You, the one reading this post right now!

-to “pick up the mantle” and help Topless Topics grow by sharing alerts about my new content to your own social media platforms!! (please)

And to further incentivize you to share links to my content, I’m going to reward you for each posting!

Every time you post a link to my content on your social media, you will get your choice of one digital print from my existing collection of photoshoots, all of which you can view here:

If you share five social media posts, you get ten digital prints!

And as Topless Topics grows, I hope to be able to produce some physical sharing incentive goods, like T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs, hand-sewn bookmarks and more!

Are you interested? Great! Until I figure out a better method to do all this,

Here’s how this works:

  • Step one: I (Topless Topics) will upload the new content, and provide along with it multiple options of graphics you can use to share the content to your social media platform of choice-
  • Step Two: You choose one of the following methods to share that content to your own social media-
    • Download the image from the announced post for that piece of content, then reupload it to the social media platform of your choice along with the link to watch the actual video (this step is very important, so please don’t forget it!)
    • If sharing within an app, you can retweet (if on Twitter), share (if on Facebook), add to your stories (if on Instagram), reblog (if on Tumblr), etc, the text-only post I will make (assuming that that account hasn’t been banned by now). However, this method is not ideal because if the original post is deleted (such as if that Topless Topics page/account is entirely wiped out), your link to the content will no longer work!
    • If posting to a platform that doesn’t require an image to be attached like Twitter, MeWe or Reddit, you can share the link directly and usually the platform will auto-insert its own preview image–though not always, especially if Twitter etc has already decided to censor out thumbnails attached to that domain. (But again, not ideal as this grants you no control over if/which image the platform decides to attach to the link).
    • If you want to share the word, but don’t want to risk getting banned for even a text-only version of the link, you can simply describe the content you’re linking to, then post a non-hyperlinked version of the link (ie instead of “” just type “toplesstopicsDotOrg/kennynudism” or ask people to ask you directly if they want to know the url! (Once again, not ideal as most people won’t bother typing in the link to visit if it’s not instantly clickable)
  • Step Three: Whichever of the above methods you use to share the content, make sure you contact me with either a screenshot or the actual link to your post that is sharing the content! Once I’ve had a chance to review your post and make sure it checks the necessary boxes (has the correctly spelled link or at least the non-clickable version of the link to the content you’re advertising) then you’ll be directed to select your digital print (or prints!) from this link, and I’ll then email you the file for the digital print:
  • Step four: repeat for every digital print that you like! Remember that if you share five content links in a row, you get ten digital prints!

How do find out about each new post so that you can share it-

As mentioned, instead of putting a bunch of effort into making social media posts that are just going to get banned anyway, I will post alerts about each new video or other piece of content in the following ways:

Anything else you’re not certain about? Contact me!

I keep my contact page updated with whatever currently-unbanned social media accounts I am using, so feel free to follow (and retweet/share my posts) on any of the links you find here:

You can also let me know about your post in the Discord chatroom (and encourage others to retweet/share!)

Please make sure your DM/Email/Chat post/etc includes either a screenshot of your post or a link to the actual post, so I can make sure that the URL was typed correctly and everything!

Then, once I’ve verified everything is correct, you’ll be directed to the Photo Selection Form so you can let me know which digital photo you wish to be sent!

Hopefully this all makes sense! Now please, start sharing Topless Topics content on my behalf so I can focus instead on actually making new videos etc!


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