Topless Topics Mailing List Edition #7

Topless Topics Mailing List Edition #7

Originally sent out 18-8-2018

Wow, dudes, I’m so sorry this list is so late! Especially as there’s been such an influx of new content since Newsletter #6 went out! I have no excuse, except that Link is in full #terribletwos mode at the same time that my mom’s health has been rapidly declining, making it a lot harder for her to babysit and let me get some work done–more on that below.

End of “Topless Topics TV” / Birth of “Topless Topics Show”

Before I get into links to new videos, I wanted to make sure that everyone has heard about the closing of the old channel/opening of the new one, which I hope you’ll subscribe to now so I have a better shot of reaching a wider (and hopefully receptive-to-topless-equality) audience than if the new channel remains small: . Once we have 100 subscribers and the account is at least 30 days old, I should be able to change the url to something actually memorable, assuming it doesn’t get banned before then!
The reasons for this switch are detailed in this video: but the TL;DR version is that I did it for two reasons: 1. I realized belatedly that it’s probably a bad idea to have the email I often use for business correspondense ( attached to the youtube channel that hangs by a thread at all times of being permanently banned for having nonsexual female nipples visible, so long as Google owns all/both and punishes all/both accounts simultaneously (much like how I lost access to all my now-deceased best friend’s emails in 2009 on my Yahoo! account when I gently told some idiot on Yahoo! Answers that they should do their homework rather than look for answers online…) and 2. the utter immediacy with which my posted videos were getting bombarded with dislikes and insults, as well as pretty much immediately age-restricted and/or banned entirely, proves (to me) that I’m on one of several “hit lists,” both by Youtube moderators and the trolls who love to get channels shut down. This alone wouldn’t be reason enough to make a new channel, but the combination of targeting by downvote brigades + threat to losing access to all my emails (and all accounts using that email as a recovery account) is too great.
What this means is, I’ve already begun the process of removing/changing to “private” all the videos currently available on ToplessTopicsTV, and reuploading them (with fresh new censorship bubbles on the ones that previously had female nipple visible) to ToplessTopicsShow instead. Of course, the real (by which I mean uncensored) versions of all videos will continue to first be uploaded to then embedded/linked to in its own post where it’ll be searchable by topic, tag, cohost, and more; so all you need to worry about is
The Youtube uploads of my videos are sort of an afterthought anyway, mainly just because hardly anyone uses Vimeo so until I can get enough people to visit that it starts showing up in search results, Youtube, Facebook, etc. are still mainly my only way of reaching new viewers (and thereby increasing my chance of actually getting enough people involved that topless equality becomes a reality, and that I can justify spending so much time and money on making content for this channel in addition to all my real life responsibilities).
Topless Topics’ Reluctant Return to Facebook
The other small piece of news I want to share before I get to the new video links is that, in attending the Portland Slutwalk 2018 and subsequent “afterparty” Portland Sluttalk 2018 Comedy/Poetry Show, I had the unfortunate realization that as much as I resent social media companies like Facebook, Instagram etc. for specifically banning women’s nipples but not men’s (as – raged – about – often in –  previous – videos – especially this one), I won’t be able to reach enough people to effect real change unless I deign to use the “tools of the patriarchy” as it were, since there simply AREN’T any popular alternatives out there (much to my dismay). In other words, I will have to play by the rules of the puritans and censor/hide/obscure my nipples as much as it takes to stop getting banned on Facebook/Instagram/etc until I reach enough people that we can all publicly shame them into knocking that sexist bullshit off (literally the only way to ever force corporations into doing the right thing. Literally.)
To that end, I’m un-boycotting the many, many social media websites that hypocritically ban women’s chests but not men’s, albeit with my teeth gritted and having to exert extra effort into making sure my heinous female nipples are never viewable, even though it gets me constantly accused of “being a fake equality supporter” and other such nonsense. So, if you want to help me reach more people, please like/follow/subscribe/etc as many or all social media accounts that you like. Here’s a page I just made and will keep adding to as necessary to help you keep up with all the many (many, many x.x) such accounts: Sorry, I know there’s a lot of them, imagine how much more exhausting it is as a single person trying to keep them all regularly updated!
Now, finally, here are links to the new videos uploaded since Newsletter #6 went out
New Videos 
Uploaded between 8/26/2018 and 10/8/2018

I finally buckled down and put together a sort of “Crash Course in Topless Topics,” basically trying to explain in five minutes or less what Topless Topics is, what inspired it, and addressing a very small number of the insults/complaints/troubles I’ve run into since I started making these videos over half a decade ago. It’s not perfect, but hopefully it can serve as an intro to newcomers without spinning into endless rants and rationalizations as I am wont to do :p (Still planning on doing a series of Frequently Screamed Insults videos in the future too, hopefully with some cohosts to help distill my rage. Sorry for constantly overusing the word “hopefully.” Ugh.)

Hopefully the first of several videos cohosting Dr. Chris Stroop, a highly inteligent, educated and interesting journalist and activists focused on exvangelicalism/religious studies, Russian/US relations, and many more fascinating and relevant subjects! Huge thanks to Dr. Stroop for showing solidarity with me by going without a shirt, especially as a nonbinary person under extra scrutiny by social media moderators!
As explained in the new channel trailer here (and earlier in this very email), I’m moving all my old videos from the old ToplessTopicsTV channel and reuploading them to the new channel ToplessTopicsShow, and here’s an expanding playlist of all those reposts. Please keep in mind that many of these videos are very old, years in fact, so a lot of my attitudes and interests have changed since then. But I still had some good stuff to say in some of them (I think), hence why I’m reposting them. Maybe in the future when I have regular babysitting secured, I can start a new series of revised videos on how my opinions have now changed!

After attending last year’s Slutwalk, I wanted to make sure I went this year as well, and boy I was not disappointed. The above link contains a page with all the videos from the event embedded for playback, everything from interviewing a dude with a sign screaming “ALL YOU SLUTS ARE GOING TO HELL” to interviewing the chillest female topless equality supporter I’ve ever met, and of course footage of the actual march itself! Can’t wait for next year’s! (Though I’d be even happier if we could make progress on the equality front and not need protest rallies like slutwalks…)

While I was attending the Slutwalk, I found out from some of the other marchers about the planned “afterparty,” a comedy/poetry show at The Funhouse Lounge in Portland. Luckily I was able to attend, and the performers were so kind as to give me permission to record their show! I’m really hoping to be able to film proper interviews/cohosted videos with them in the future, maybe even have some of them on as regular guests!

As we’ve talked about in past videos, my mom has been dealing with cancer for several years now. It’s a “slow growing” cancer and thankfully when they first found out about it, she was responding fairly well to the medications they had at the time. Well, now those medications have stopped affecting her cancer, but wait! There’s a fancy new shot from Europe just recently developed that’s had amazing results! That’s the good news–the bad is that the shot is very, very expensive, and so the insurance companies are dragging out their responsibilities as long as inhumanly possible, likely hoping their patients will die out before they have to spend any money on new shots. Even as I type this, we’re anxiously waiting for Kaiser PErmanente to get off their greedy asses and arrange the shot for my mom, but there’s not much we can do other than keep calling their offices to ask for an update and wait. Here’s an unplanned video I shot with her talking about her experiences with cancer, the difficulties of parenting while vlogging, and basically just letting off some steam while we wait.

Other News
I do have some other stuff in the works, but honestly I’ve been typing out this newsletter for several hours now (writing them reminds me of pages I intended to make, etc. so it takes me a while), plus my kids are running rampant and I need to give my poor parents a break. So I’ll wrap this up for now, apologize for the wall of text, hope that my mom finally gets her shot and that Link is less of a terror so I can get more work done, and see you all in the next newsletter! Cleo out!

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