TopLess Topics Newsletter July 2022–new content, new merch, new community question!

TopLess Topics Newsletter July 2022–new content, new merch, new community question!

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Welcome to July’s Topless Topics newsletter! Sorry that this edition is going out a week late–-I had most of it written before the 1st, but then “real life” duties slammed me (aka both kids got sick) so I couldn’t finish it until today ^-^;;

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  • Final Thoughts
  • Community question


Wow, June has been an incredibly busy time over here at Topless Topics HQ! After a week and a half family trip to San Diego (my hometown) where I got to show the kids all the favorite touristy and not-so-touristy places I grew up, I dropped the fam off at the airport and stayed all by myself at a nice hotel for the entirety of the long-awaited Vidcon 2022!

As you may have heard in previous videos and newsletters, I attended the third through fifth Vidcons (2012 to 2016) until I got married, got pregnant (the first time), and moved to Portland, which made it a lot harder to attend vs when I could simply drive up from San Diego! Vidcon 2020 was to be my triumphant return to the convention, but then well, the whole world was stricken with that pesty little pandemic, resulting in both 2020 and 2021’s attempt at holding Vidcon getting canceled due to rising numbers of infections. Finally, this year, Vidcon was allowed to proceed forward (luckily requiring either proof of vaccination or a recent negative PCR test, so the chances of it turning into a super-spreader event were slightly lower…)! After such a long absence, and with renewed passion to Get Serious™ about turning Topless Topics into an effective activism campaign, instead of something akin to a mere hobby, I was determined to make the most of it–and I think, to the best of my ability, I did!

I’ll be coming out soon with a two-part “Vidcon 2022 Recap: the Good, The Bad, and the Viral” video series, so if you’d like more in-depth information on my experiences this year, be sure to subscribe and/or follow me on social media so that you’ll be informed when the videos go up!

Until then, you can see my casual vlog playlist that I posted throughout our So Cal trip here:

Now, on to future developments regarding Topless Topics…!

New Content

Videos recently uploaded/reuploaded (in chronological order):

Kat Blaque asks: Why are Leftists so White? | Topless Topics Reacts

YOUTUBE REPOST: Topless Topics: Let’s Discuss Body Hair, Leg Hair, and other such “unhygienic” issues

(BANNED FROM YOUTUBE) Is the Delta Variant mean the vaccines no longer work?

  • Uncensored:

Upcoming videos:

  • Vidcon 2022 recap: the good, the bad, the viral
  • An Elder Millenial’s Take on Tiktok

Got an idea for a future video? Suggest it to me!

See all new uncensored videos as they’re uploaded/reuploaded on my TROM page:

See all censored videos, including Youtube-only vlogs, on my Youtube page (until it gets banned):

Site News

So unfortunately, as much fun as I had at Vidcon 2022, the exhibition hall was pretty pathetic and I couldn’t find any representatives for either small creator social media managers nor small-run printing presses, so the search continues to find either method of helping take over the back-end concerns of running Topless Topics, freeing me up to make actual new videos etc.

For now, I’m still going to continue experimenting with custom-making my own vinyl t-shirts, which you can find out more about, including how to order a shirt, here:

We’ll see what demand is there and if it makes it worth the time and expense of producing Topless Topics merch; if demand is high enough, I may put together a crowdfunding campaign to get a whole bushel of t-shirts printed, which will make the price a lot lower (but have way fewer options for customization).

I’m also still accepting commissions for digital illustrations, which I will draw during livestreams, unless the purchaser wishes me not to. As always, my to-do list is massive and never ending, so even if you commission a work, please don’t expect a quick turnaround time–I’m already stretched so thin TT_TT

See my art and graphic design portfolio and more information about ordering a commission here:

And finally, though my troubles with the financial vendor Stripe banning me from ever using their services because I have female nipples anywhere on the internet (see more on that insane drama here: ), I’ve been selling digital prints of the past !Artistic Nude! (not sexual) photoshoots I did here:

Final Thoughts

As always, I have to extend a huge thank you to those of you who have followed me all these years, who have kept my spirits up even in the face of the constant, unfair onslaught of censorship that no other creator has faced to the same extent, and who have tried to convince me that what I’m doing is important, even if I haven’t met the capitalistic expectations of fame and fortune ;p Seriously, if it wasn’t for you guys, I would have given up on this insane mission to someday have the same rights as “male-looking bodies,” I would have given up a long, long time ago.

For those of you who ask me how you can help me out–aside from offering words of support (which really do help, as long as you don’t end your ‘support’ with unwanted comments about my body, and/or asking me to do special sexual favors for you -_-), honestly the biggest thing you can do is help me spread the word about Topless Topics; you can find a detailed guide on how to do this here:

To put it in a nutshell, because my posts are constantly shadowbanned (hidden from search results and timelines, requires a logged-in 18+ account to even view, etc) when they’re not banned outright, I’m entirely dependent on supporters like you–yes, you, reading this right now!–to let others know about the mission over here at Topless Topics, whether by real-life word-of-mouth, and/or being loud and proud about it on your own social media accounts.

Growing the reach of Topless Topics is very important for two reasons-

  1. It helps my content look more “legitimate” in the eyes of others, which means more access to interesting and important people to interview, possible sponsors to take some of the brunt off the many costs that go into maintaining an online empire (since I’m banned from simply putting ads on any of my content, like other big creators do), etc
  2. The only way we stand a chance of actually changing social media and legislative policies that restrict “female-looking bodies” but not “male-looking bodies” is if we convince the corporations that run this country (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc) that it’s in their financial interest to support rather than discriminate against content like mine. How we do that is by showing massive amounts of support behind topless equality (and other progressive missions), which means lots of eyeballs and lots of angry tweets.

It’s truly awesome that we’ve cultivated a little community of topless equality (and full body nonsexual nudity) supporters, but as long as we remain an insular echo chamber, we will not see any real-world reflections of our ideals. It’s hard, it’s scary, but we have to be outspoken about the issues we care about, even if they’re not “brand friendly” and bear the risk of being misinterpreted (such as friends and family hearing “I support topless equality” and think it means “I support having sex at the park” e.e). If you’re not in a situation where you have the freedom to express yourself among friends and family, I understand–but keep in mind that on the internet you still can stay anonymous, and if you want to help Topless Topics without risking alienation from people you already know, you could always, idk, make a sock puppet/alt account and post your support there ;p

And! If you need the added incentive, you can also get access to special content, such as a special Discord role (and the associated clout), by joining our Topless Topics Promo Squad:

If you’re starved for more new Topless Topics content, even if it doesn’t contain my heinous female nipples in the package, I do semi-daily vlogs that I post to my Youtube channel (at least until my entire channel gets banned, which will inevitably happen one of these days):

And I do livestreams every Saturday at 3 – 7 PM PST on Twitch, where I’ll play video games, work on art projects, take “calls” from fellow Topless Topics supporters to discuss the important matters of the world:

(CeriGotGame is my gaming-cosplay-comics-pop culture-etc focused alt channel, if you didn’t know)

As for full-production, uncensored topless videos, I do still have many topics I’d like to discuss, as well as people to interview, etc–its just that these types of videos take a lot more time to plan, edit, etc, so I can’t put them up as often, along with everything else on my plate. 🙂

Again, though, you can look at my old topless videos as I reupload them to my TROM account, and I have so many that maybe there’s one you haven’t seen yet-

And finally, I’m very active on social media (especially Twitter) as well as in our Topless Topics discord, so please follow me on the platforms of your choice, and hang out in our chatroom if you’re not already a regular member!

Community Question

(find out more about what the Community Question is, including how to submit your own answer to be included in the next newsletter for everyone to see: )

Inspired by this article by Fatherly: “Science Explains Why Men Can’t Lactate (But Sometimes Do)” –

“If men could also breastfeed, do you think male nipples would face similar discrimination as female nipples? Why or why not? “

Thanks so much for reading and for all your support–see you in the next newsletter!


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