June 2022 Topless Topics Newsletter! Vidcon Anaheim, and maybe finally some merch?!?

June 2022 Topless Topics Newsletter! Vidcon Anaheim, and maybe finally some merch?!?

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Welcome to the June 2022 Issue of the newly-revamped Topless Topics Newsletter! If you’re getting this email and you’re not sure why, you were probably previously signed up for the old, discontinued Topless Topics Mailing List. You can read all previously sent newsletters here: https://www.toplesstopics.org/newsletter/

We’re sending this one out while prepping for Vidcon. Making shirts, building websites, meeting people, and hopefully this one won’t be canceled by plague rats. Fingers crossed!

If you’ve decided that you don’t want to receive these newsletters, then please feel free to click the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of this email! But you’ll definitely miss out on new websites, new opportunities, and new content. So stick around!
New Videos Uploaded This Month

Kat Blaque asks: Why are Leftists so White? | Topless Topics Reacts
Uncensored: https://www.toplesstopics.org/katbsowhite/
Handmaid Censored:https://youtu.be/oDPYgSoK0Kk

Old Videos Recently Reuploaded

“Topless Topics does #freethenipple ‘Sexy ASMR’!”

“Separation Anxiety: Topless Topics Mental Health”

“Family Nudism/Naturism/Nudity: Cleo goes Topless with her Dad!” and “Cleo of Topless Topics and Her Dad talk about being naked in public!”

“Daddy Gets His Balls Snipped! (Vasectomy Vlog)”

“Changing My Husband’s Mind About Male Circumcision”

“Topless Topics AMA: Describing My First Threesome / Polyamory Experience”

“In case you were wondering why we need feminism”

See a list of the “best of the best” Topless Topics videos on our “Featured” page:


(and please let me know if I have other videos that you think should be included in the Featured list, so that newcomers get a taste of all that Topless Topics has to offer!)—

Throwback Video Highlights

Here are some older videos that you might have missed when they were banned before you could see them! Even though they’re older, the topics discussed remain relevant to today, especially considering the fight for topless equality and/or normalizing nonsexual nudity appear to be rapidly backtracking, even in non-US countries.

To see all reuploaded videos so far, you can visit the Topless Topics TROM page: https://videos.trom.tf/c/toplesstopics/videos

Or you can visit the website and use the Search fields to look by topic or keyword: https://www.toplesstopics.org/search/

“Topless Topics Interviews the “Wild Owl Woman” p1- Who is Tasha?”

“WTF is Up with Period Shaming & Other Women’s Body Stigmas”

“Topless Topics Interviews Fetish/Fashion/etc Model, Amanda Kee!”
Enough dealing with fascist websites, time to start our own place!
Let’s start our own Outcast Creator Collective.
The struggle to find a patriarchy-approved method to post my heinous nonsexual female nipples is ridiculous and unending. And frankly, it’s not worth the time and effort–time and effort that could better be spent making actual new content–to keep fruitlessly trying to hit that moving goal post.

Therefore, let’s establish a home where people like us–creators who have been ostracized from mainstream websites like Youtube and Facebook, who are repeatedly targeted by haters and trolls who exploit false-flagging algorithms to get our content banned over and over–can post our content freely, without having to constantly worry about arbitrary bans. A place that will NOT be welcoming to fascists, spreaders of conspiracy theories and disinformation, and other such deplorables that inevitably take over “anything goes, totally uncensored” alternative platforms. A place of our own that applies rules of censorship EQUALLY to ALL GENDERS, despite whether we “look male or female,” and a place for creators who have faced discrimination on other platforms–whether that’s nudists/naturists, normalize nudity activists, plus-size body positivity advocates, LGBTQ+ social commentators, and more.

It will be both a video host and a social media platform for creators and their supporters who have been pushed out of mainstream platforms for arbitrary, unfounded reasons.

A “safe space” for those who currently have no choice other than to suffer the mistreatment by hate groups that are left unchecked by mainstream platforms.

While we can and should continue to fight to raise sufficient awareness of these nonsensical, hypocritical bans, we should also face the reality that such progress on this front is likely to take years, if indeed it’s ever possible.

In the meantime, let’s hand the reins of content moderation to so-called “offending” creators and their supporters, by carving out our own spaces for sharing our content!
Find out how to join or help us start our collective by going here:
Sign the petition-demand that Youtube make the banned video process more fair!
Youtube: Say WHICH PART of videos you’re banning, and let us edit them out

Are you a Creator who is tired of having your content arbitrarily banned on Youtube, without explanation or an opportunity to edit out the offending section? Perhaps you’re a fan of a creator who has had to deal with this situation time and time again? If so, then please consider signing our petition!

The purpose of this petition is to demand that Youtube not simply slap banned creators with an arbitrary, umbrella explanation like “sexually explicit,” “medical disinformation,” etc, but to prove their allegations by providing EXACT TIMECODES for WHERE in the banned video the alleged offending content occurred, as well as provide creators with an opportunity to edit out then resubmit the video, rather than ban the entire thing (and hit the creator with a strike that prevents new uploads and possibly puts the entire account in jeopardy of being permanently banned!)

Even if you yourself are not a creator, as a user of the internet, your voice matters, and it’s a huge help to constantly-harassed and unfairly targeted creators like Topless Topics if you sign this petition!

After you’ve signed it, PLEASE share the link to the petition with your friends, family and followers, and also encourage them to sign!

Please sign the petition by going here:

And/or, find out more about the reasons behind this petition here:
Did you know I post almost-daily vlogs?
How much boob can I get away with at Vidcon? & I hate Tiktokers | Topless Topics Vlogs
Such as this vlog titled “How much boob can I get away with at Vidcon? & I hate Tiktokers” that I uploaded on May 16th, 2022!

What exercise is to the body, journaling is to the mind. And while I might record tasks and ideas in my bullet journal at home, vlogs are how I keep my thoughts clear, and how I update you all on the Topless Topics life events happening at home! Uploaded multiple times a week on my youtube channel, alongside the extremely-censored versions of my videos that you can find uncensored on my TROM page.
This month, Topless Topics is heading to Vidcon!

Assuming it doesn’t get canceled for the third time in a row, I’ll be showing up at Vidcon this June!

If you’ve never heard of Vidcon before, essentially it’s a giant convention “by creators, for creators (and their fans)” and is a fantastic way for creators big and small to meet each other, share collaborative ideas, hang out with fans, and more!

The plan is to meet people, chase clout, spread the word, and maybe have fun on the side (even better if I can find an in to one of the “eXcLuSiVe VIP sEcReT pArTiEs” :p) If you’re going to be there, or know anyone who will be, make sure to give me a shout! I’ll be wearing and trading in custom Topless Topics merch, brand new custom shirts exposing the hypocrisy of the fight against topfreedom. Maybe I’ll get like-minded activist creators like Philosophy Tube’s Abigail Thorn or the inimitable Kat Blaque to wear one!

Let me know if you’ll be there and want to meet up by messaging me on social media! Links at the bottom of the newsletter! :3
Site News
The new site isn’t up yet, but when it is, it will likely be called Outcast Creator Collective!

We’ve been spending hours making fun T-shirts, masks, bags, and other types of Topless Topics-branded merch to take with me to Vidcon and possibly, hopefully start selling online. They take a LOT of time to make each one (currently I’m weeding and heat-pressing each vinyl pattern by hand) so they’re sort of a specialty item for now, but I’m hoping to find a vendor I can negotiate with to mass-produce some without too much of an upfront cost, to make it actually possible to sell them at a decent price. Please follow me on social media and/or hang out in our Discord server to find out when I’ll have them up for sale!

Also, THE FUN, COLORFUL WIGS I ORDERED OVER A YEAR AGO FINALLY ARRIVED! I’ll be wearing them more often on streams, videos, and even interviews in the future. You’ll never expect where my hair is going next!
Upcoming Livestream Schedule

However, I’ll be regularly posting snippets of my adventures as (clothed) vlogs on my Youtube channel and as Instagram posts, so follow me there if you’d like to see how my Vidcon trip goes!

Once I get back home on June 27th, I will go back to having weekly livestreams every Saturday from 3 – 7 pm PST at www.twitch.tv/cerigotgame, which if you haven’t attended before, generally focus around gaming but sometimes include art projects or simply chatting with viewers about the topics of the day. I am taking polls on swapping it to Sundays, so contact me on social media to weigh in!

I will also soon be exploring the idea of streaming to JoystickTV, a new platform and spiritual successor to the doomed livestream platform Plexstorm (RIP) that does allow, but not require, nudity or sexually explicit activity. In fact, many of the erstwhile content creators from Plexstorm have migrated to JoystickTV, and I’m in talks with several of them about potentially setting up co-livestreams where we play games and chat together!

If you’d like to know if and when I start streaming to JoystickTV, follow Topless Topics on social media (Links here and below).

Let’s finish this up with June’s Community Question of the Month
Learn More

(again, for more guidance on how to submit posts to our Community Question lists, please go here: https://www.toplesstopics.org/comq/ )

“How can online activists best fight for their ideals?

”Please have your submission in by midnight of June 30th to be included in next month’s list of entries!

And yes, all submissions for the Community Question will count towards the monthly gift card giveaway!
Oh, you haven’t heard of the monthly gift card giveaway yet?

For more info about the giveaways, as well as examples of different forms of social media engagement, please visit:
Learn More
Beginning February 2022, I started offering chances to win one of four gift cards to the digital store of your choice, simply through social media engagement–that is, interacting with Topless Topics on social media and other online spaces, everything from simply “liking” and “replying” to a Twitter post to uploading your own “reply video” that references Topless Topics. The more complex the engagement, the more chances you get to win a gift card!
Please remember that you can be a huge help to Topless Topics by following, liking, subscribing and sharing to all our social media links!
Follow Topless Topics on social media to find out as soon as new videos go up, community polls are released, unscheduled livestreams are starting, and other exciting news:

For the most up-to-date and as-yet-unbanned social media links, please go to https://www.toplesstopics.org/contact/

You can use the links beneath, but if you are reading this newsletter at some point in the future, some or all of these links may have been banned:

Website: https://www.toplesstopics.org/

Featured/Best Videos: https://www.toplesstopics.org/featured/

Every Time Topless Topics Has Been Banned: https://www.toplesstopics.org/banned/

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ToplessTopics

TROM videos: https://videos.trom.tf/c/toplesstopics/videos

Youtube (main): https://www.youtube.com/user/toplesstopics

Youtube (vlogs only): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtkjfehiqC60r9vcQkFW0wA

Discord: https://www.toplesstopics.org/chat/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ToplessTopics

Instagram (main): https://www.instagram.com/toplesstopics/

Instagram (updates only): https://www.instagram.com/toplesstopicsofficial/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTopicsTV

Mastodon: https://eldritch.cafe/@toplesstopics

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ToplessTopics/
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